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District 12 Class Race List 



Ready to Run

B / P  Mono

B / P Hydro

B Sport Outboard Tunnel

B / P-Limited Outboard Tunnel

D Mono

Sport 20 / P Sport Hydro

Sport 40 / Q Sport hydro 

Nitro 1/8th Scale

FE 1/8th Scale

Open Nitro / FE Mono

Open Nitro / FE Hydro

LSG Mono


LSG Sport Hydro

LSG Outrigger

Jersey Skiff/Crackerbox

Classic Thunderboat

Super Sport

Open Offshore

Additional classes can be added

 at the host club's discretion.


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D12 Rules and Specialty Classes not covered by the IMPBA Rule Book

Summery of class and rule changes for 2018

Sport 20/P-Limited Sport Hydro is now Sport 20/P Sport Hydro. This makes B/P-Limited Outboard Tunnel the only remaining "Limited" FE Class in District 12.  

D Mono had been added to the District Class List

All clubs shall run an offshore course with a left hand turn.

District Points will be tallied in 2018 but no end of season awards will be issued.

Noise Rules:  All internal combustion engines larger than .21" (3.5cc) are required to be equipped with a functioning muffled pipe, internal stingered pipe or add on muffler.  All boats must comply with the Noise Rule located in the Technical Standards section of the IMPBA rule book.

Drivers not using DSM transmitters must have alternate frequencies with them at all times at sanctioned races. Should combining heat(s) or run-offs require frequency changes, driver with high points has choice (for run offs driver with best placings has choice i.e.- 2 firsts vs. 1 first). Any person who needs to change due to combining heats or run-offs and does not will receive zero (0) points for any heat or forfeit run-off for not being able to change. Any driver using 2.4 spread spectrum is obviously exempt from this rule.

Novice Class Rules:  No outriggers or gasoline powered boats permitted. Nitro powered boats shall have an engine displacement no greater than D Class (.458 cubic inch or 7.5 cc). FE boats shall have a voltage limit no greater than the P Class (4S or 14.8 volts nominal) The Pit Man shall not touch the driver's transmitter once the boat has been launched unless it is to prevent an imminent collision with the shore.


FE P-Limited Classes: Only approved motors may be used in this class. (see below)

District Points Championship:  Any class that has a minimum of 15 entries cumulative during the distict race season will be eligible for a class championship.  Classes with less than three entries at a race will not be counted toward the 15 entry minimum and racers will not earn championship points for that class.  To count toward the 15 entry minimum, an entrant must make an attempt to start at least one heat in that class.  

Scoring will be awarded as per the Heat Racing Points Table in the IMPBA Rule Book.  Any ties for the top three places at a race shall be decided via a runoff or coin toss (if both parties agree).  In the event of of a tie below third place, both racers will be awarded full points for that place.  Those finishing behind the tied racers will recieve their normal points as though there was no tie.  (Example: If two racers tie for forth, they both recieve forth place points. The following racer recieves sixth place points.) If zero points are accrued for the race, the racer recieves zero points toward the championship.  Any racer finishing beyond 9th place in a race will recieve zero points toward the championship. 

The clubs shall collect one dollar for each boat entered at each race to pay for plaques or trophies to be awarded to class champions.  Club officers shall forward district racing fee's and race results in a timely manner to the district director.

Boat Appearance:  Racers are expected to comply with IMPBA rules pertaining to boat appearance rules in specialized classes.  These rules include requirements for drivers, simulated cockpits, sponsors (simulated or real) and numbers.  Classes affected include but are not limited to Offshore, Jersey Skiff, Sport Hydro and 1/8th Scale. These rules can be found in the IMPBA rule book under "Hull Specifications" for the appropriate class. Failure of boat to comply can result in a disqualification and loss of points for that class at that race.

Offshore Course:  The Offshore Course must include a left hand turn at all District Races. 



D12 Open & FE/Nitro Combined Class Rules


1. All heats will be six laps unless specified in district race flyers.


2. All heat starts will be in accordance with IMPBA Rulebook, Section G, Heat Racing Rules.

3. During a heat, a FE boat cannot stop for any reason. Doing so will result in being called a "Dead Boat" by the CD. A barrel roll, end over end flip or  spin should not be called a dead boat as long as the boat continues in a forward motion. Racers shall respect the CD's judgment. When called a dead boat, the boat is to proceed directly to the infield and come to a stop behind the start buoy until the end of the heat.

4. At the end of a heat as a boat finishes, one of two methods may be used: 
            A. A racer may choose to do a cool down lap and will continue all the way around  the course before coming to shore.
            B. A racer may choose  to park in the middle of the race course. After the racer finishes the heat,  the racer shall give way to all other boats and when safe to do so, pull into  the course infield. The racer shall come to a stop and hold his position until all boats on their cool down lap have returned to shore. Only then may the  racer may bring their boat in.

5.  A qualified FE racer shall be designated to retrieve all dead boats after a heat if there is a dead FE boat on the pond. Anyone retrieving a FE  boat shall exercise extreme caution to  remain clear of the propeller at all times.

6. In the spirit of good sportsmanship, any FE boats having a noticeable speed advantage over the faster nitro boats will be
asked to detune their boats to ensure competitive racing. If they do not comply, they shall be disqualified from the class for the race weekend. All  Open Classes are exempt from this rule.

7.  LiPo battery packs shall be charged on a flameproof surface or inside a flame proof container such as a Lipo sack, metal table, Pyrex Dish or Clay Pot. Under no circumstance should a Lipo pack be charged while in a boat.  A dry fire extinguisher or extinguishing agent such as a bucket of sand shall be kept in all FE racers pit area or where batteries are being charged.


8. FE's participating in the Open OB Tunnel class shall be restricted to a battery voltage no higher than the Q  class limits (6S) as defined in the IMPBA  rule book, Section J.  All other Open classes shall be restricted to no higher than T class voltage limits (10S).


9. FE P-Limited Rules:
            A. Motor Specifications
The intent of the P-Limited Motor Specifications is to define motors to be used in Limited class racing.  Motors in these specifications shall be based on readily available parts from past, current, and/or future Ready-to-Run offerings by various manufacturers. Only motors on the approved motor list shall be allowed.  Motors are intended to be used as they are supplied. Therefore, no alterations or modifications are allowed, unless specifically stated in these rules. Motor shall be directly connected to the output drive shaft, no gear/belt over/under drives will be allowed.
            B. Approved Motors:
The motors approved for P-Limited racing are:
 ProBoat - PBR3310 A3630-1500 4 pole brushless motor (BJ26, Formula FastTech, Miss Elam FE)
 AquaCraft - AQUG7000 L36/56 7.2-18V 6 pole brushless motor (SV27),
AQUG7001 36-56-2030 6 pole brushless motor (UL-1 Superior)
            C. Cooling:

Motors and ESCs may be cooled as desired. Water jackets, cooling plates, electronic fans, etc., may be added as desired, so long as they don't perform an otherwise illegal function.
            D. Contacts and Wiring:

Originally supplied contacts may be replaced. Wire length on the power and phase leads may be altered to facilitate installation. If lengthening the original wires, additional wire may be added to the factory supplied wires. If shortening the original wires, the final contact to the Motor or ESC must be made using the original wiring. The intent of this rule is to prevent the removal and replacement of the original wiring in its entirety, by requiring that the final contact to the Motor or ESC be made by the original wiring.
            E. Capacitors:
Extra Capacitors may be used to protect the speed controller from ripple current.
            F. Battery: Voltage limits and battery specifications will be in accordance with the P class located in the IMPBA rule book, Section J.

            G. Hull:

Length restrictions shall be in accordance with the P Classes in the IMPBA rule book.