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 Capitol RC Events 2018

We will have scheduled Test and Tunes at the pond on the first and third

 Sunday of every month from April thru October starting at 10 AM. The exception will be

if there is a conflict with the district racing shedule.  

 Any cancellation will be annouced on the home page of this web site 

and the club Facebook page at least 18 hours in advance.

 Club members will also be notified by email.


Additional club test and tunes at the pond will be annouced via email to all club members. I will also post

 them on the welcome page of this site. If you want to schedule a date other than the posted dates, email Carl or

 myself a week in advance and so can notify the pond management and get word out to all club members.


2018 Race Schedule


District 12 Races 


District Race #1

April 27-29, Cascade, MD (Fort Ritchie)

Hosted by the Model Boaters of Baltimore

District Race #2

Postponed untill  August 25-26, Centerville,VA

Hosted by the Capitol RC Model Boat Club

District Race #3

June 22-24, Smithfield, VA 

Hosted by the Old Dominion Model Boat Club

District Race #4

September 14-16, Cascade, Md (Fort Ritchie)

Hosted by the Model Boaters of Baltimore

District Race #5



  National and Regional Races


April 21-22, 2017 Atlanta Spring Nationals, Atlanta, GA

Hosted by the Atlanta Model Boaters

May 3-6, IMPBA Gas Nationals, Reserve, LA

Hosted by the Vodoo Model Boat Club

June 28-30, IMPBA FE Nationals/Michigan Cup, Leonard, MI

Hosted by Mid-Michigan Electric Unlimiteds 

July 12-15, IMPBA Nitro Internats, Mt. Vernon, IL

Hosted by The Racer Group

July 13-15, Carey Lake Classic, Rochester, NY

Hosted by the Rochester Model Boat Club

October 20-21 Butch Fields Memerial Gas Clash, Queenstown, MD

Hosted by the Delmarva Model Boat Club


Record Trials

May 7-11, Record Trial SAW, Portersville PA

Hosted by the Morain Model Mariners of Pittsburg

October 8-12. Record Trial SAW, Portersville, PA

Hosted by the Morain Model Mariners of Pittsburg


    Additional Info on these and other sanctioned races can be 

found on the Master Events/Race Calendar on the IMPBA web site.


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