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Spring 2017

It's with great sadness that we annouce the loss of of Steve Speas this past spring. Steve did it all in model boating. He won the IMPBA Excellence of Performance trophy which was one of his most prized awards. He manufactued Twin Craft Boats. One year he won all four mono classes at the NAMBA Nats.  He held numerous IMPBA oval and straight away records. But what we'll miss most is his witty sence of humor and the knowledge he freely shared with fellow boaters. Godspeed Steve. Racing in District 12 will be a little less fun without you.


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January 2017

A Message from our District Director

Just want to take a few minutes and introduce myself to the members of District 12 that may not know me.  My Name is John Crouch and I am your newly elected District 12 Director. Any questions you have for me, you can contact me thru my email

 We just had our first District 12 meeting on January 15th.  We went over the race schedule and made one change in our district class rules.

The rule change was to the D12 Stock Gas Class.  We decided to follow IMPBA rules so the D12 Stock Gas will be replaced with the Super Sport class. The only hull allowed is a mono and you have to use a stock Zenoah 260 engine. Tuned pipes are allowed and you must use either a stock, unmodified WT-257 or 644 carb.  EZ starts are okay if you like. Other than that, the motor stays as it comes out of the box. See the IMPBA rules for the Super Sport class online on the IMPBA website for full details about the class.

No other classes were added or deleted from last year so we will be running all the same ones that were run last year. We just changed D12 Stock Gas to Super Sport. We have come up with a 3 boat minimum per race and 15 entry minimum per season for any class to be eligible for an award at the end of the year. We will be doing plaques for each class at the end of the year for each winner of district points for each class.


Race dates for District 12 are:

 April 28-30th Baltimore club race #1 at Fort Ritchie.,  Cascade, MD

May 19-21  Delmarva Model boat club  Butch Fields Gas Clash National race, Queenstown MD

June 2-4  Delmarva model boat club  Dist race #2  Queenstown, Md 

June 28-July 1st  ODMBA hosting the IMPBA Gas Nats, Smithfield, VA

July 28-30 Delmarva Model Boat Club Dist race #3  Queenstown, MD

August 25-27  Capital Model boat club  Dist race #4  Centerville, VA

Sept 22-24 Baltimore Model Boat Club  Dist race #5  Fort Ritchie pond, Cascade, MD


Looking forward to serving all of you as your District Director and hope to see all of you at the races!!


I would also like to take a moment to thank our past District Director, Don Feretti, for all of his hard work over the years he held this position.

John Crouch, Dist 12 Director

December 2015


Here is a list of the topics discussed and decided upon at the E-meeting 

held by club and district officers in December 2015.    

 Host clubs are no longer required to have a left turn in the Offshore Class at district races. Some find the left hand turn hazardous so clubs can now leave it out at their discretion.


The combined Nitro/FE class B/P-Limited Hydro will now become B/P Hydro. FE racers can now run any motor or ESC in that class. This will help keep the class count down.


Sport 20/P-Limited Sport Hydro and B/P-Limited Tunnel classe will remain unchanged. These combined classes run well together and we agreed to leave them unchanged.


P-Limited classes will now allow open ESC's rated at 120 amps or less. Motors must still be chosen from the approved list. We have found no significant problems with the controllers previoulsy being used but the majority of FE racers in the limited classes want freedom of choice.  We don't anticipate any increase of performance.


The Balitmore club requested we offer a D Hydro Class at all district races for 2016.

2016 District race schedule approved by the district director.


November 2014

Here is a list of the topics discussed and decided upon at the E-meeting 

held by club and district officers in late October 2014.  

We reviewed all the Nitro and FE combined classes individually and decided if any changes needed to be made.  Though not optimal, most everyone is happy with the way the combined classes are going.  There will be no changes to the Sport 40 / Q Sport Hydro, B / P Mono or any of the B / P-Limited classes. 


Nitro/FE 1/8th Scale will be split into separate classes. If one class does not have enough entries, it will not run. 


If Open Cat is offered at a District race it will be restricted to Nitro and FE boats only. Gas Cats will no longer be allowed in the class.


D12 Stock Gas will be restricted to Monos and Cats only. Sport Hydro's are no longer allowed in the class.


Open Tunnel has been removed from the District Class list due to lack of participation.


Some members of the Baltimore club have an interest in starting a P Hydro class in the district and invite anyone interested to get a boat ready for next year.  This class would allow any Hydro (Rigger, Sport Hydro,Cat and Tunnel) to run on 4S Power with no mAh Limit and any Motor/ESC combination.

The district decided to award the class champions baseball caps this year to keep costs down and hopefully prevent a entry fee increase in the future. 


There will be a Spring Meeting District meeting to present awards to district class champions and as an open forum to all district members.